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some things I like about Portugal

The total lack of health and safety nerve wracking and awesomely liberating team work tree down, traffic jam, get out of car, cut tree up, move to side of road, job done getting on with it(ness) women still do a … Continue reading

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chicken karma

As the chicken flock dwindled it became evident that not only was my heart not in it anymore but the housing for the chickens was woefully inadequate. Whilst the Portuguese seem quite happy to leave their foul in concrete bunkers, … Continue reading

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I have had a total of 12 chickens since living here in Portugal, slowly, slowly, they have either died or had to be culled for various reasons. This is the one I have left.  After her last moult, she started laying every … Continue reading

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food for the soul

some time ago, infact last year I made some figs in lemon syrup. I never wanted to just dip in to them they seemed too precious, now that we’ve finished smoking the hams and bacon, it seemed only fitting to … Continue reading

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from pigs to peaches

Now that the pigs have finally gone, we’ve taken all the fencing down, re-instated the gate at the far end to keep the wild boar out and had the whole meadow rotavated. The plan is to plant soya at one … Continue reading

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tray baked pork chops with parsnips and pears

Thanks to all the feedback I got from the previous entry I was able to eat our own pork. I’ve decided that it is ok to love your livestock, surely thats got to be better than abusing it or not … Continue reading

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food for thought

When we moved to Portugal we came with a lot of ideas about how we wanted to live, most of them are quite do-able and with a little bit of patience (well quite a lot actually), alot of stamina and … Continue reading

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