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garden fits and other failures

lets talk about crop failures, because i wouldn’t want to give the impression that it’s all marvellous, this self-sufficiency lark. It’s not, it’s bloody hard work, the weather is relentless at both ends of the spectrum, too much water when … Continue reading

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hair of the dog

ahh, you may think this is a post about alcohol and the after effects and cures and what not, but no, it is quite simply a post about hair and dogs, or rather the hair from a dog. I’m going … Continue reading

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such a boar

the wild boar have been across our terraces with a vengeance, they’ve dislodged enormous edging stones, so big i can’t pick them up, they’ve dismantled steps. Some would argue that that is all part of living in the countryside, and … Continue reading

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what autumn means to me

misty mornings and fantastic sunsets butterflies on sun warmed rocks grasses like sparklers magical birches old dogs in fine fettle evening snacks are free and plentiful seeds with tree potential and food for birds lichen that only grows where the … Continue reading

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hummingbird moth on sage flowers

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Day eight

Coming to the end of our time on this bit of mountain, not much left to take out, lots of clearing up to do though and then the hauling out. We’ll be moving down to directly above our farm next, … Continue reading

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Boxes, beds and backs

I have had a persistent back ache, won’t go into technical details, lets just say it’s hindered my ability to get the garden ready for spring. So, we decided to employ a local to rotavate the bits I couldn’t dig. … Continue reading

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