things i like – 7

obviously, it goes without saying that I love chewing, we all know that. I’ve moved up a notch in the “what can i chew on next” stakes. Luckily some of the neighbours around our farm like to throw their rubbish everywhere, which is great for me because then i can drag it back up the mountain and leave it all over the road. Everyday I find something new, some more old shoes, empty bleach bottles (one of my favourites), more recently two new things have appeared……..empty bottles and half empty bottles, which makes my mum cross,

not sure why but after i’ve finished having a good chew i drop them and sometimes she throws it back down the mountain in amongst the prickly bushes, other times though i drop them and she then has to spend hours picking up all the broken bits……… i found something scratchy which tasted great and made my teeth feel good, i think, ‘cos i’ve seen my pack doing the same thing that i was brushing my teeth, doggie style!!


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