the daily grind

I’ve allowed myself a little bit of poetic exaggeration for the sake of a good entry title, but needless to say I do not do this grinding everyday….but wanted to share with you my new toy.
Kindly donated by a friend in the UK, it’s finally come out to play……

i have managed to grow enough maize and soya to grind up my own non-GM pig food. I have by no means been able to grow enough for the chickens aswell but hopefully next year there will be more, so for the moment the pigs get it, they won’t be around for much longer, so want to continue with their non-GM diet until slaughter

On previous entries I had mentioned about my heirloom black soya. I started off with about 20 seeds and the first year I harvested about a kilo, which I planted this year, this year I harvested about 8 kilos, about 4 of which I will plant next year. It’s a great crop, needs no care or water and produces well. It’s a great source of protein for the animals and as the animal feed here is mostly GM soya and maize, growing my own takes us closer to where we ant to be, self sufficient and GM free

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