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Hi, I’m Woody and I got the idea to add a bit on to my mum’s blog from a new friend of mine, (well I thought we could be friends, but he still hasn’t replied to my email, I guess he’s busy

Actually, I think my name is Woodruff, but it’s unclear, I’m also called Askar Paramo de Corcos (but thats my posh, piece of paper name) sometimes i’m called Woody along with lots of other names that have the word wood in them (depending on what I am doing at the time), but sometimes I’m also called hairy herbert and silly sausage, so who knows. I am a Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer but from Bavaria. I was born in Spain and now I live in Portugal with two english people, so it’s not surprising that I appear to be stupid at times, I’m actually just a bit confused!!

wood shavings
The first few months of my new life were quite exciting, first I had parvo and a really bad ear-ache, then I was helping with the olive harvest and I fell off a terrace and banged my head and hurt my eyes and then I put my whole hairy face into a pile of very exciting caterpillars. This made me very sick and I can’t remember much but I woke up in a wheelbarrow and I had made myself dirty, I had to visit the doctors again and they saved me, and then I did it all again, such fun……luckily my mum has done some special training with me so I really like the doctors and they really like me too, probably cos my dad gives them loads of money every time we go.

I’ll try and stay on top of this blogging thing, sometimes I might just post a selfie or two, we’ll see,
you can contact me @


2 thoughts on “about me

  1. LOVE YOU WOODY!! But you need to take care of yourself – it frightens and upsets your Mummy and Daddy – so please be a good boy!!

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