gooseberry and elderflower ice-cream

ice cream

serves 6

for the ice-cream
2 large eggs, separated
50g sugar
200ml double cream or mascarpone or greek yogurt, all are good

for puree
75g gooseberries
2-3 elderflower heads or substitute heads and sugar with home-made cordial
50g sugar

make puree by putting gooseberries and elderflower heads with just enough water to stop the fruit from catching on the bottom of the pan, cook very slowly until it is a mush.
Push puree through a sieve and leave to cool and add the sugar or cordial

For the ice-cream whip egg yolks with sugar, whip the cream and in a separate bowl beat the eggs whites until peaks have formed. mix the puree, whipped yolk and sugar mix together then add the cream and at the end fold in the egg whites, this stops the ice-cream from forming crystals whilst freezing



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