We do all our cooking and baking on/in a wood stove and pizza’s and bread outside in the bread oven. So my temperature gauge is based on the amount of hot coals I have and if I want to make things crispy I have to use a particular kind of wood to get licky licky flames. It takes some getting used to and various sizes of wood, but I wouldn’t want to cook any other way anymore.

We live in a very remote part of Portugal, where ingredients are not always easy to get hold of, the supermarkets are basic and everything is seasonal or from Portugal, very few items are from somewhere else, so if it doesn’t exist here, we don’t use it. Like caster sugar for instance, there is no choice it’s either white or “yellow” as they call it. The same with vinegars, not a lot of choice. So we just make do and improvise, everything turns out just fine. What I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to substitute ingredients or experiment, I used to be terrified of baking until I met my husband, I now have the confidence I need, to know how to make something work, even with limited  ingredients and only cooking on wood.

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