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not that i want to wish my life away, but it looks like summer is nearly over……thank god…… looking back over my photos, i don’t seem to have done very much, other than a very stressful trip back to the … Continue reading

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wooden flooring

i cut a fair number of trees for flooring boards enough for 150 square meters of flooring, but, in the end, not all the wooden flooring came from the forest some of it came straight from the mill. by the … Continue reading

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such a boar

the wild boar have been across our terraces with a vengeance, they’ve dislodged enormous edging stones, so big i can’t pick them up, they’ve dismantled steps. Some would argue that that is all part of living in the countryside, and … Continue reading

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mulch ado about nothing

 I have very little patience or energy for mulching, I know it’s easy enough and shouldn’t be that big a deal, but it is for me, there are so many other things I’d rather be doing, so this year I’ve … Continue reading

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drink up

yup am still making drinks, the weather has been  quite hot, so as fast as i make them they are being drunk. I made some more lemon and orange squash and also the usual elderflower cordial, both are freezable, which … Continue reading

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spring has sprung…..

…..and then it sort of went away again. It did peak a bit early with temperatures in the mid twenties, which is a bit odd given that it was only February and it went from 6 to 26 in less … Continue reading

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what autumn means to me

misty mornings and fantastic sunsets butterflies on sun warmed rocks grasses like sparklers magical birches old dogs in fine fettle evening snacks are free and plentiful seeds with tree potential and food for birds lichen that only grows where the … Continue reading

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