pissed piggie

For the last few days I’ve been collecting windfall fruit and giving it to the pigs to eat, great free food for them and healthy to boot………

Yesterday morning I arrived at the farm to discover that the youngest pig was having trouble walking and standing up, she also seemed completely confused…….

In my usual dramatic way I assumed she’d suffered some kind of brain injury, had a dreadful disease or had had a stroke or seizure. After a quick chat with husband and some shouting I called a friend, who suggested she may be drunk. In observation it would have seemed that he was right and husband proceeded to take the piss out of me and the pig, lots of jokes etc. I, on the other hand was still being deadly serious about the whole thing and rather concerned, I stayed with her all day and had to leave as it got dark, with her lying in the middle of her field. Stupidly I didn’t sleep a wink and as soon as the sun came up today, I went to see her. There she was all tucked up in bed with her mum, she walked out of the house like nothing had happened. I am releived and feeling obviously rather silly, I shall never hear the end of it no doubt. It was the quinces that did it apparently, now the locals tell me don’t give them quinces!!!!!

Bloody livestock

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One Response to pissed piggie

  1. Jules & Mick says:

    LOL!! You have to laugh! One of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV, was a wildlife programme where a load of monkeys were eating half rotten/fermenting fruit… And they were all drink as skunks, falling out if the trees, staggering around etc! Glad she hasn't got anything more serious, apart from a hangover!!! But pleased to know you care for them so much XX See you & the drunken piggies soon!! X

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