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we’ve been blessed with the most amazing weather lately, very cold nights but bright and sunny days and therefore spectacular sunsets, although we are a bit tucked in to the mountains here at home, a short drive up and we … Continue reading

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not that i want to wish my life away, but it looks like summer is nearly over……thank god…… looking back over my photos, i don’t seem to have done very much, other than a very stressful trip back to the … Continue reading

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apparently we’ve had the coldest March for 31 years and I suspect we will have had the wettest April for ages too, by the time it’s over. We’ve had a lot of rain this year, quite a lot of flooding … Continue reading

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winter wonderland


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happy new year, happy new home

yes, we did it, we got in before Christmas we’re not there by a long shot but we can live in it we love it we are exhausted we are truly blessed and very happy thanks for all your support … Continue reading

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stuff and what not

I’m still waiting for husband to update the blog with building related stuff, so meanwhile lets talk about the garden and what not…… it’s finally rained so the scorched dryness of everything has slowly turned everything back to a lush … Continue reading

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this morning as i was stirring the tea in the teapot, in my peripheral vision the dog on the floor appeared to be moving backwards and forwards, only when i racked my vision to the dog it stopped moving. because … Continue reading

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