french apricot jam

apricot jam

1.5 kg fresh apricots
800g sugar
vanilla pod
Juice of 1 lemon
Halve and stone the fruit, reserving a handful of stones.
Put the fruit with the sugar into a preserving pan. Score the vanilla pod down its length and cut into three. Add this to the fruit and sugar and lemon juice, stir together and leave to steep for several hours or don’t bother……
crack the stones with a nutcracker and remove the kernels, or wrap them in a tea towel and whack them with a hammer. Blanch them in boiling water for 1min, plunge into cold water and remove the skins. Split the kernels in two and add to the fruit.
Heat jam and boil for 20-25min until the mixture is thick and the apricots are soft and broken down.
Allow to stand for 20min and bottle in warm sterilized jars, ensuring that the vanilla and kernels are divided between the bottles. Cover and seal while still hot

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