things i like – 4

mum and i have been having a fun at this water thing, she’s been throwing sticks in the water for me but i can still touch the bottom of the water hole, my friend bullseye had to swim though ‘cos he’s got very little legs, he looked like he had fun.
Mum say’s she has never had a dog that particularly liked the water and because she has been doing this special training with me i know that she would never ask me to do anything that would hurt me,

i like having my wet hair all over my eyes, so i can’t see,


i like the sound of the splash


Today we went to a special place where the water has no bottom, she wanted to show dad what i had learnt to do, she didn’t tell me i was going to have to swim properly, at first i didn’t want to go in, but mum gave me a gentle nudge on my bum and boy was it good, my legs worked, i knew exactly what to do and the sound of the splash i made was such fun, everybody was laughing and clapping……

here is a video of me being very happy

all is good in woody’s world today

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