The day the big hot came

It was a day like all the days, we walked, we ate, we drank, we slept, we went outside, I sniffed a lot and played a bit and then slept some more

My daddy went into the big hot to help others, he didn’t come back

We went to the road and waited for a friend who arrived with a big black growling thing, we got in it, it smelled of other things like me, we drove very fast away from the den

Some more things like me got in the big black growling thing and we all shouted at each other and sniffed each other and had bad tummy’s.

My sister went to sleep

It was nice and cool in the big black growling thing, we stayed in it until the dark came, we went outside to sniff, it was very hot

We moved again and slept again, mummy kept making me drink because it was very hot outside and the big blowy stuff was very busy

My eyes started to hurt and it was hard to breathe

Then we found my daddy and mummy barked at him for a very long time and then the big wet came from their eyes

We moved again and got into our own green growling thing

My sister slept

Then the day came but the sky was all wrong and my eyes still hurt

We moved again, we drank alot, things were falling from above but the big blue was not blue it was still black but it was day not night

My sister slept

The air smelt funny, everything had changed

We went home but it was not there, it smelt funny, all my favourite toys had gone and all the smells were different, my feet got very hot and my bed was not there

The big wet came from their eyes, we drove some more

My sister sleptand then a noise came from her and she was different too, she slept

I don’t know what happened to my bed, I have a new one now, the smells are all different and all my toys are gone but my tummy feels better and I still have my family

We will build a new den and the smells will be different, but I’ll find new toys,

The black is everywhere now, mummy sometimes calls me black tongue, she say’s if I was a pirate dog that would be my name