rocket pesto

i’d collected my own cut and come again salad seeds last year, and whilst i am very happy to have a lot of rocket, it was the only seed that came up well, there are a few mustard greens in there but mostly it’s rocket, i’ve been stuffing my face with it for weeks and it’s about to go to seed so thought i’d try some rocket pesto. Below is a recipe I found with walnuts instead of pine nuts, walnuts i have and they were free, pine nuts cost money


a very large handful of rocket
some walnuts
olive oil
salt and pepper

Pesto, it seems is very personal and you’ll have to add bits of the above until you have the texture you like and the flavour you want

Whizz it all up or pund it to death with a pestle and mortar if you don’t have a food processor or electricityjarsand put in jars, keep refrigerated or eat it straight away

ps. just had some on spag. and it is not great at all, takes a lot for me to admit defeat in the kitchen, but i shan’t bother next time, good job i’ve got a lot of rocket and walnuts and olive oil otherwise i’d be mighty fed up

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