some things I like about Portugal

The total lack of health and safety

nerve wracking and awesomely liberating

team work

tree down, traffic jam, get out of car, cut tree up, move to side of road, job done


getting on with it(ness)

women still do a lot of the heavy lifting, on their heads, with
or without a husband



we can have a lot of weather in one day and all of it is spectacular


 having fun

on first glance the Portuguese have a certain grumpiness about them, but look deeper and give them an event and they are the first to take part and take the piss out of themselves


things still come in proper boxes

if you take the time to look around, you can still find charming shops full of boxes and boxes of useful stuff


proper modes of transport

portugal has some of the highest death rates on the road in Europe and it’s no surprise, however, there are still people doing it the old way and they are not killing anyone (this category gets three photos ‘cos i couldn’t decide)





despite what we may or may not think about Portuguese rice pudding, it is a national treasure and making the biggest one in the world  just makes sense, no?



everyone in the countryside grows most of their own food and livestock, nothing goes to waste, everything is saved and dried and utilising the streets for this is perfectly normal


photo opportunities

there’s a photo opportunity around every corner, you just have to look



you can’t afford to be in a hurry here, aside from the fact that there really is no need to be in a hurry (unless you are incredibly disorganised), slowing down and being patient is a blessing


amazing faces

the Portuguese have been through a lot, their ability to smile and be thankful and so friendly is beyond words



these traditional dances and ways of life are still celebrated here, young and old alike, everyone joins in and respects the need to continue



no, he’s not having a poo, he’s sheltering from the rain, a car park attendant, who really didn’t have to stay and continue to do his job in the torrential rain, why he didn’t have an umbrella, i don’t know given that you would never see a Portuguese out in potential rain without one, so, he uses the bin instead and smiles about it


landscapes and light

I’ve travelled a lot and I am not sure I have been anywhere where the landscapes are so varied and the light so amazing



Thank you Portugal and thank you Portugal people

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17 Responses to some things I like about Portugal

  1. Great post about Portugal!

  2. tidzywoo says:

    what a great post, love the button boxes;)

  3. molly whitehead says:

    iconic pictures a real flavour of country and people

  4. pureportugal says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog.

  5. Sue Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing! Your posts made me smile. We’re travelling to Portugal with 2 teenage girls for 2 and half weeks. I’m hoping to see some of things mentioned. Sue Jones, Penarth, South Wales.

  6. john says:

    Fantastic. I have other reasons for coming to settle in Portugal. However; had i not,i would do so anyway for all of the above. Thank you for the pictures.

  7. That last paragraph left me under the impression you are leaving us (again). Is that true? Nah!

  8. James says:

    Always nice to hear from a happy person. You remind me of how I was when I first came here. Unfortunately life ain’t always like that.

    I think of the rubber-necking at accidents (teenagers, having become bored with the spectacle, playing football next to three dead bodies, for pity’s sake!)

    I think of the hypocritical smiles and proffered handshakes from some phoney who has just parked behind me, blocking me in for half-an-hour.

    I think of the slime-ball who scraped my car, was all friendly handshakes, only to deny everything the next day and say he had two witnesses to swear it was my fault.

    I think of the festas which go an all night, keeping everybody within 5kms miles awake for three nights running. Oh, right: “Our kulcha, innit?” Like Heavy Metal over 30 megawatt speakers is part of ancient folklore.

    I think of the dogs barking all night because their pig-ignorant owners keep them tied up 24/7, driving them mad.

    I think of the old salt, trying to screw me over some stupid piece of land he probably doesn’t even own anyway.

    I think of the white knuckles and grinding teeth when, asked for my opinion, I tell them their restaurants are mostly very poor.

    I still like living here, but I’m not wearing rose-tinted spectacles any more!

    • my spectacles fell off along time ago too, and i’m with you on all your comments and i could add some, however i am trying to practice optimism and gratitude but my default setting is generally bleak, so writing about some of the things that i do like helps me with that
      cheers for your comment though, nice to know there are people out there reading my blog!!

  9. tidzywoo says:

    Hello, would it be ok for me to post a link to this post on my blog? It’s a great post I would like to share it, thank you, Catherine

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  11. nancy says:

    Great photos! They make me want to come visit again (sooner) and realy spend more time in the area.

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