food for the soul

some time ago, infact last year I made some figs in lemon syrup.

I never wanted to just dip in to them they seemed too precious, now that we’ve finished smoking the hams and bacon,

it seemed only fitting to bake a ham off

and serve the lemony syrupy figs (re-heated with coriander seeds, chilli and mustard seeds). Courtesey of HFW, his inspirational approach to cooking has turned out yet another feast. I also served creamy mash, made with new potatoes, carrots and peas tossed in mustard seeds and fresh spring greens with butter and caraway seeds. For pudding we had the first rhubarb of the year, cooked with a little orange zest and brown sugar, then chilled and served with greek yogurt. Who said the poor are under-nourished this isn’t just food for the tummy it’s food for the soul, reared and grown with soul and cooked with soul, and shared with new friends.

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3 Responses to food for the soul

  1. And it was insanely delicious. Fabulous and and other superlatives you can think of.

  2. food says:

    I am drooling! All sounds absolutely wonderful – how do you grow rhubarb here in Portugal??? I'm v.v. impressed!

  3. dear Food
    I've not been dreadfully successful as don't seem to ever be able to give it enough water, but this year I have used two old truck tyres as a kind of barrier, the rhubarb is growing up through the centre of the tyre stack, it seems to be working
    where are you in Portugal?

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