from pigs to peaches

Now that the pigs have finally gone, we’ve taken all the fencing down, re-instated the gate at the far end to keep the wild boar out and had the whole meadow rotavated. The plan is to plant soya at one end and milho (maize) at the other and sunflowers everywhere all this will go towards next years chicken feed supply.

This meadow one day will become the chicken field, for breeding chickens to eat with a proper secure house and a run, but that day is a long way off so I’ve planted about 15 peach tree runners to create some shade for the future.

We did jokingly think that the meadow would also make a great football pitch, tennis court, croquet lawn or even a skate board park, but joking aside it’s a great space but needs some more work. The little stream that runs for some of the year needs some repair work to the edges, the pigs pulled all the rocks out, the grape vines are looking a bit worn from the pigs constantly rubbing up against them. But for now my work is done here, just waiting for some rain so I can scatter some seed around and plant some food.

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One Response to from pigs to peaches

  1. Emma says:

    reading that just makes me happy. cluck cluck. so wish I had time to a) come and roll in your meadow or b) get dirty making my own meadow. viva as galinhas!

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