Fig marmalade/Marmellata di Fichi

1kg figs
500g sugar
zest of an organically grown lemon
3 tablespoons whisky or brandy (optional)

Wash the figs, break them open, and combine them with the sugar in a bowl. Cover them and let them rest overnight. The next morning transfer them to a pot and heat them over a moderate flame, stirring until they come to a boil. Add the lemon zest, reduce the heat, and simmer, skimming away the foam occasionally, when a drop on an inclined plate doesn’t run, transfer the marmalade to sterilised jars.


2 Replies to “Fig marmalade/Marmellata di Fichi”

  1. So did you put some alcohol in then Sarah?! Seeing as it was ‘optional’!! Have fond memories of eating figs straight from your trees! XX

    1. ha, no alcohol, not sure it would be my cup of tea……yes it is lovely wondering around eating stuff straight from the tree, i’ve been a bit slack with these figs as i’ve been too busy doing the grapes. I have however, eaten nearly all the black figs, most of these green ones, i can’t even get to…trees far too big, despite pruning

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