here are some pictures of some knives i have made

walnut 2 walnut 3 walnut knife knife 1 lime burr knife

they are a bushcraft type knife, with a drop point, flat ground single bevelled blade, its a great utility shape. they are made from type 01 tool steel, with burr wood or some other interesting wood scales, the one’s in the pictures are from european walnut, and one from pippy lime burr, handle material depends on what i have available at the time.

moose bone awl with artificial sinew whipping on handle

the moose bone awl i made in canada whilst making a birchbark canoe, it has a very rough cedar handle whipped on with artificial sinew, and fastened with the spruce gum/bear fat caulking i used on the canoe. can of pop for scale.

2 thoughts on “knives

  1. Hi Rick & Sarah,
    Really glad I found your site again. Good to see you’re doing so well in Portugal and living the healthy life still!
    We still reminisce about our days in the dojo with you Rick.
    All the best
    Stoke by Nayland

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