Hand-made and home-made, are for us, expressions and extensions of desire, the desire to have something we don’t currently have. There are lots of other reasons to make things by hand, to make them yourself, to choose the materials you use, the shape and form of the thing you are going to make, and the knowledge gained from the process of doing it. For us it often involves finding the spirit of the thing, not only doing it in a spirited way, but doing something that allows the spirit of the thing to manifest itself. Sometimes that desire to make something is born out of the desire to do something else with it. Sometimes it can compound things, multiple hand-made things brought together for an ultimate experience,  it gives the end experience a whole other resonance, it means to us, a whole other thing.

Hand-made doesn’t mean inferior quality, it means the opposite, it means spirit invested in something, like forging a knife from a fiery furnace, something that has the knowledge and understanding of the person making it, the desires and keenness of their spirit.

we’ve both spent a lot of our lives making things by hand, from arts to crafts, buildings to transport, clothing to food, and many other things in-between. For us there is something otherwise unobtainable if you hadn’t made it yourself, not just in the thing you are producing, but in the process you go through, and it’s probably that journey, those moments of self discovery, not necessarily finding out something about yourself, a hitherto unrecognised skill, but a discovery you have made about the materials or thing you are making, the knowledge, only those who have made the thing before you have,  to walk in their footsteps.

For us, it doesn’t have to be a complicated or involved thing, it’s about different qualities. Qualities that aren’t really definable in a written down kind of way, but qualities that have to be felt, and perhaps the only way to learn those differences is to feel them. and perhaps the only way of feeling them is by doing them.


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  1. Where abouts are you guys based in Portugal? I’m looking to walk some, maybe all of the Camino and venture off a visit various permaculture peeps, Thanks Jodie

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