what can i say

about 9 mins in you will see what was our house, the whole film is upsetting, but particularly for us……



1 thought on “what can i say

  1. Dear Rick and Sarah,
    I know these are only words. I have followed your blog from when we first met back in the spring of 2010 and your house project was still in its infancy. We had a simple pick nick in the warm sunshine, sitting on your land and dreaming of a glorious future in an amazing niche, that you had discovered far away from Portsmouth Polytechnic and the Canadian beech bark canoes. I always found it easy to speak to Rick and I remember you nursing one of my grandchildren (Zenna) at the concert at Casa Diana back in September 2015. It has remained a strong image in my mind. It was also the last time I saw your house, which you had generously opened up to our group of visiting UK friends for a short but unforgettable moment. The house was almost ready and it was a joy to see your pride in your single handed and unique achievement. I also remember an earlier visit when I had to climb wobbly ladders up to the top level with velux windows and great views to the olive grove across, always thinking of how the hell I would get down those ladders again.
    And now this. One cannot even come up with meaningful words to express one’s sense of being gutted. But I have read your recent blogs about your days of crisis and how you are battling with the finality of what happened. I am impressed that you can even write blogs, that you can make plans like looking for new land. I am with you in spirit and admire your boldness and bravery to take life by the horns and to accept that at the end, what matters are the processes. And that process can not be taken away from you. Bon courage mon brave.
    Heiner (Kin’s father)

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