not that i want to wish my life away, but it looks like summer is nearly over……thank god……

looking back over my photos, i don’t seem to have done very much, other than a very stressful trip back to the UK and then 2 weeks recovering not a lot has happened…but here’s a little snippetaubergine bee building cake carrots cherries flower1 flower2 flower3 kiwis snooks swimming tart toms woody

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5 Responses to summer

  1. Lovely photos thanks enjoy your posts and photos

  2. Jayne Norman says:

    Told you there were fruit on that kiwi! LUSH xxx

  3. treecrone says:

    with such a hot summer seems you have done a LOT!!

  4. Jules and Mick says:

    Beautiful photo’s, as always Sarah! Looking forward to next Summer!

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