from plant to plate

this year we have had our first blueberries, which is very exciting, they are very happy down in the fruit meadow, so we may get rid of some of the less productive fruit (blackcurrants) and replace with blueberries,

today we had blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, such a perfect combination and only made possible by dear friends from Canada…….


As mentioned in my previous blog entry we’ve had a lot of lemons to deal with, the final thing that got made was this yummy lemon tart, definitely worth a go

lemon tart


2 thoughts on “from plant to plate

  1. Oh wow! They look gorgeous!! Did you buy blueberry plants? Or grown from seed?! Surprised you’ve never grown them before, you seem to grow absolutely everything else!! 😉😂

    • to be honest i hadn’t had the money to buy the bushes before, i bought 4 plants from Lidl for rick’s birthday last year, if they sell some more this year, i will get more, they are a good investment so far!!

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