cherries, lemons and other stuff

we have been blessed with the biggest cherry tree in the world, it was one of the only fruit trees that came with the farm, it’s quite old…….it’s also protected by the house now

cherry treeso despite very late frosts which ruined any chance of newish cherry trees from having any fruit, the big old one was not affected…….and then it also rained alot and the sun came out and it rained alot again and the result was masses of very very juicy cherries………we’ve eaten alot and I’ve made some jam and the rest have been made into cherry pie fillings and frozen for those long. cold winter nights when cherry pie is such a cheering thing to have……


Whilst our citrus trees continue to produce and flourish, there isn’t always enough to justify picking what there is and making things like lemon squash, so sometimes I get them from somewhere else, last week I got about 150 from various sources, so have been busy (with the help of willing guests)

zestzesting and juicing….some of it is going straight in the freezer to be dealt with another time. I’ve also made lemon curd and lots and lots of lemon squash and lemonade

With the days being rather too hot for me, i’m finding that I am still outside working at 9.30 at night, after watering and picking for the next days meals, I spend the last bit of light picking loganberries, they are prolific again this year and we are now at the “giving them away” stage as the freezer is nearly full and we’ve still got the tayberries to go.



I pick some strawberries everyday for our smoothie in the morning, it seems unlikely that we will freeze any this year as we keep eating them!!!


We’ve also had out first blueberries, not many but they are new plants, we’ve had a couple of handfuls so far, hopefully next year will see more


I’ve done a first thinning out of carrots and parsnips, the parsnips I transplant using a giant stake to make sure all the root goes into the hole, they never really take as well as the seed sown ones but I hate to waste them, they always look very sad for a while, but perk up in the end


The beans are a bit pathetic, the tomatoes, peppers and aubergines too. The salad beds have either gone to seed immediately or not amounted to anything apart from one little bed of rocket and the occasional lettuce thats sort of doing ok, I haven’t taken any pictures because I am ashamed and embarrassed!!! It remains to be seen about the squash, broccoli, kale, sprouts and beetroot. I will do a short post about my garlic and onions soon, onwards and upwards

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6 Responses to cherries, lemons and other stuff

  1. treecrone says:

    You are an inspiration! Will have to try blueberries, logan berries, tay(?what are they?) berries again – haven’t had any luck. Maybe too hot down here (Azeitão)? I know cherries don’t do well here, so perhaps the climate is different – raspberries OK, however..

    • thanks for the support, my raspberries are not doing well this year!!! i have a mole problem and i think they are disturbing the roots. Tayberries and loganberries may do quite well if you give them the right conditions, i can give you some plants but don’t know how i would get them to you….., thanks for following me, it’s great to know someone is out there looking!!!

      • treecrone says:

        There is a horrible product which gasses moles! I confess to using it some years back and it really works. Now the semi feral cat seems to catch them occasionally, and haven’t had a problem lately. If you are interested it is called Phostoxin – and is little balls that you put down their tunnels. Feel like a murderer admittedly! Once the tin is opened the balls turn to powder within a month or so.
        Thanks for checking out my Recovery Services blog – keep forgetting I started it – maybe you will inspire me to get going!

      • yes, keep going with the blog, probably won’t use those balls as our youngest dog is a bit of a digger and a chewer…..he does occassionally catch a mole/vole, i do sometimes use empty wine bottles, sunk a little bit onto a fresh mound, the noise of the wind/breeze travelling over the top of the bottle creates a din down below and deters them, but i would have to have them everywhere!!!

  2. Julia Thomas says:

    Can vouch for the cherry & Tay every pie filling – OMG, gorgeous!!!! You do so well Sarah & Rick, it was lovely to see you last week & thank you for your wonderful hospitality! xxxx

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