stuff and what not

I’m still waiting for husband to update the blog with building related stuff, so meanwhile lets talk about the garden and what not……

it’s finally rained so the scorched dryness of everything has slowly turned everything back to a lush green……..

I’ve rearranged my garden again, made new bedded areas using river stones, all designed around the trees and various shapes being made by existing plants

mew edge2

all the stuff I moved including rhubarb is doing very well, miraculously………..

The top fruit meadow has been tidied up

top fruit

and I’ve made a new line for blueberries and honeyberries

blueberry bed

I know blueberries grow well here and as long as I give them the right soil conditions and protection they should do well.

Bonfire heaps have been made

I’ve also made my usual chilli jam, fig and lemon marmalade, apple sauces, with our first apples ever, we’ve dried plums and figs and peaches, bottled over 100 litres of grape juice, dried chillies collected our first almonds
almonds apples chillies grape juice

Down side is I think I may have killed the asparagus bed, the ferns had got so heavy and no amount of staking was helping them when the high winds came, the plants were being pulled out of the ground, so I elected to cut them down, resulting in new growth and possible death, we’ll have to wait and see

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6 Responses to stuff and what not

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    It all looks amazing Sarah! Almonds too! Hope the asparagus survives xx

  2. tidzywoo says:

    Your garden is an inspiration!

  3. collected your first almonds?Is this from a tree you planted?How old is the tree…?Lovely garden Sarah x

    • Hi Michelle, we planted the trees 6 years ago!!! last year we had three almonds per tree, this year nearly a kilo from both trees (with shells on!!), to be fair to the trees they had those bloody pigs of ours rubbing themselves up against them when the trees were just too young, so they’ve taken awhile to find their footings, so to speak

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