garlic and OCD (obsessive counting disorder)

A few years ago, I let some garlic go to seed
garlic headaside from the fact that they look beautiful, I wanted to collect the seed and try and grow garlic from my own seed.

It can take years for the garlic to be a useable size and you just keep harvesting and keeping for next years seed, until it is big enough

when I’m super stressed (which is most of the time, it seems), I count, I count everything, how many steps I’m walking, how many things I am picking, how many times I have turned the spade over etc. etc.

Today I planted 457 cloves of garlic………I dressed the soil with ash from the bread oven and some blood, fish and bone, raked it all in and am keeping fingers crossed that that will be enough to get them going…….
garlictiny bulbs dressed

Last year I grew 3lbs of garlic, I’m not sure if I can plant it all, so if anyone wants any tiny, organic garlic bulbs for planting, let me know they are free to a good home

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4 Responses to garlic and OCD (obsessive counting disorder)

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    That’s a lot of counting!! And garlic!!!!

  2. ants devoured ALL of my garlic last year …

    • oh dear, i have loads, i mean loads of tiny organic cloves you can have for planting, maybe, just maybe some of them will grow, if you sew some for the wildlife and the rest for you???? let me know if you want them

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