black cherries

it’s been a fantastic year for cherries here, the big tree next to the house doesn’t seem to have suffered for having half it’s roots severed by the foundations going in, some if it is a bit tricky to pick some we can pick from a couple of the windows (very romantic), friends have been to help and we’ve made cherry and cardamom ice-cream

ice cream

pie fillings for the freezer and endless tarts


cherry juice

cherry juice

and am now in the process (10 days) of making glacé cherries, i would have dried some but don’t have the space or intact racks and i would have made jam but have noticed that the jam in my stores is not getting eaten………

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3 Responses to cherries

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    Wow, how wonderful! Picking cherries through the window!!! Wish we had time to come on a jam expedition?! Maybe next year! Love to you both xx Get eating jam on toast for breakfast!!

  2. Daniela says:

    ola! Dear est Sarah, am looking for your recipie of the alternative to Coffee flavoured tiramisu..
    love your website and Photos!

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