cupboard love

I have had several renovation projects on the go and none of them have been completed which is driving me nuts, they are always on my weekly “to do list” and never get the moving date gets nearer, I’ve decided I can no longer go on putting things off.

This cupboard has been with us for years,

crappy cupboard

I think it came from a skip in the UK, I think it was in my shed on my allotment, it was definitely in one of my previous kitchens, I hated it, but thought one day I’ll turn that into a pantry to hang on the wall, so that is what I have done. It’s not quite on the wall yet, but it will be

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3 Responses to cupboard love

  1. Ann Smith says:

    I have only just subscribed to your mailings but admire your choice of life!
    Your cupboard? Where did you come across this? I believe it is Oak? and the quality looks good. .

  2. Julia and Mick says:

    Looks fabulous, well done – for renovating & keeping it! X

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