bye bye baby

some of you may remember a rather sentimental post about my car :

well, despite my best efforts to keep her, I am having to let her go. It’s not good for an old car to sit in storage forever, unless all you want to do is look at it occasionally, we need the money and I’ve had to make the very hard decision to let her go to a new home. I have had the best 2cv mechanic in the world and when he asked if I would sell her to his son, it just felt like the right thing to do. I’m trying not to be too depressed about the whole thing, we can now get some much needed building supplies and whilst it breaks my heart and I weirdly feel disloyal I know that her departure is making space for something new to come in I hope it will be another quirky car or maybe one of these????


but given our current financial status, it’s more likely to be something like one of these


bye bye Valentine

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6 Responses to bye bye baby

  1. Julia and Mick says:

    Oh Sarah, big hugs – we know how much you love that car 😕 At least you know it’s going to a loving home, will be very well maintained, cared for & cherished – just like you have done over the years 😀 Time to move on, onwards & upwards 🏡 XXXXXZ

  2. Feel for you! I gave up my beloved road warrior, nothing like as sweet as yours – a 17 year old toyota with amazing gold paintwork, well known in my area as she kinda stood out amoung all the grey london cars – as I simply don’t use her here, the public transport and bikes are too good. But I’m coming to POrtugal this year, to do pretty much the kind of thing you guys are doing, so I’m going to be looking to buy someone else’s old road warrior (more of a van /truck because of building/farming needs) which I hope will be a much-loved family friend also being let go for reasons like yours, or mine. Its a big part of permaculture – re-use – pass on those valuable machines and tools and household items we don’t need, for someone else who does, so get the best use out of them.
    But I do empathise. I still feel a bit sad every time I see my girl as she is parked outside my apartment.

  3. tidzywoo says:

    Ahh, I do remember eating about your car that you got back, I had a grey charleston 2cv years ago and I loved it, it got written of when a drunk driver bashed about 5 cars parked in our cul de sac😤, you do become attached to them, Catherine x

  4. tidzywoo says:

    That should be reading, must check corrections

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