hair of the dog

ahh, you may think this is a post about alcohol and the after effects and cures and what not, but no, it is quite simply a post about hair and dogs, or rather the hair from a dog.
I’m going to go on about the boar again. The bunting worked for several weeks or it was just a coincidence, but they are back and knocking down huge boulders into my garden and beyond, crushing my well tended almost blooming flowers… I am not a happy bunny.

Back in February I went back to the UK for 5 weeks to house sit and animal care, one of my jobs was to groom the lovely Harvey

I decided to collect his hair for the very purpose of scattering it around the farm to deter the boar, I’d done it before with human hair, but neither of us have a lot of that anymore and whilst I have, in the past scrounged bags of the stuff from hairdressers, there’s something a bit weird about handling human strangers hair, strange dogs hair I don’t have an issue with….

I’d forgotten about the hair from Harvey,

harvey hair
until today, so off I went around the farm chucking it around and moving bunting, I really hope the boar stop soon otherwise I will have to kill them

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2 Responses to hair of the dog

  1. UKRHAIR says:

    Just great! Really like it😃!

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