going potty, gone potty

well it nearly killed him, but he insisted on doing it, like he does every year, and every year I swear I’m not helping and then i do, but only a little bit……

First the meadow had to be brush cut, and then the new (second-hand) beast came out to play (she’s a Camon C8, incase you’re interested), first time on Portuguese soil, she was great, perfect for large spaces, useless in my garden…….


and then the back breaking bit, 42 trenches dug, all lined with chicken manure, potatoes placed in, covered over and heaped up. it took him one and half days, but it should give him about 400 days of potatoes at least, here’s hoping


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One Response to going potty, gone potty

  1. Molly Whitehead says:

    Hi Rick that is a lot of potatoes to get through, but I an sure you can manage it. ma

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