such a boar

the wild boar have been across our terraces with a vengeance, they’ve dislodged enormous edging stones, so big i can’t pick them up, they’ve dismantled steps. Some would argue that that is all part of living in the countryside, and whilst I tend to agree i would prefer it if they could do it somewhere else. Aside from the hellish expensive and time, fencing is just not an option, there is just too much land and it’s all slopey and rocky and it would look stupid so I have been stringing up ripped up bits of old pillow cases (which woody has taken great delight in tearing down) and in between ALL my other chores, i’ve been making meters and meters of bunting,


which also looks a bit silly but it seems to be working, now where’s that stone mason………


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3 Responses to such a boar

  1. molly whitehead says:

    At least you know how to make bunting Sarah.Anything flapping near the ground would be usless asfar as wild boar are concerned.

  2. Julia and Mick says:

    Blimey, are you sure it was wild boar & not a herd of wildebeest?! Destructive naughty creatures! Your bunting looks fab, glad it’s doing the trick! Apart from Woody acting the Pooplet! How’s Blossom? X

    • god knows, blossom found some the other week, only mum and a couple of young-uns (less one now), woody is naughty and willful but full of joy, blossy is a bit lame as she hurt herself yesterday, have been dosing her up with arnica, getting betterxxx

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