nuts about figs

I know I go on about Autumn, like it’s the only season in the year, but I am still excited by it and all the things it brings with it.

Nuts, I love nuts, I can’t get enough of them, I can’t afford to buy them anymore so I gather them from my friend’s walnut grove. Some years our friend is here and he collects his own, but he’s always happy to share.

nuts This year he’s not here but I will save some for when he is.
Also between him and me I can collect enough black figs to make our favourite fig jam,


figsfig jamsaid friend is obviously very happy for me to do this too. I just can’t seem to pass a fruiting tree without the compulsion to make something from its fruit. Often standing by fig trees for far too long just scoffing them fresh from the tree, life does not get any better than that…

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