days of long shadows

and with one last push and intense heat last week, autumn has arrived, the nights had been getting cooler with mists hanging over the village in the mornings,


heavy dews and leaves turning, and then it was all over, huge thunderous clouds carrying with them the very much needed rain.
A very exciting storm saw out the summer and heralded in the Autumn, with the loudest thunder I have ever heard and wonderful lightning displays, neighbours dogs ran away and there was no electricity for hours……

Autumn is my favourite season, i love so many things about it, putting my wellies back on again; socks; jumpers; hats; chestnuts;


mushrooms; blackberries; crumbles; long dog walks and the smell of dogs after they’ve been rained on;  curries and risottos; walnuts and figs


the light in the evenings;  the long shadows;

me and shadow

the smell of the first rains on the parched soil, no more dust;  puddles for dogs to lie in; rivers running again; harvesting…..

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