mulch ado about nothing

 I have very little patience or energy for mulching, I know it’s easy enough and shouldn’t be that big a deal, but it is for me, there are so many other things I’d rather be doing, so this year I’ve decided that unless I can get the mulch from the two meadows either side of the vegetable garden or the terrace directly above I’m not bothering.

For me heaving great piles of stuff from one end of my farm to the other in the blistering heat is a useless waste of my time and energy (I’m guessing that’s why people have wwoofers?), not to mention all the itching that goes on…, I’ve been doing it in stages.
Stage one, cut some swathes through each meadow and pile that up and save it and use it when dry, this also gives me the impression that I have a nice neat country park style garden and makes it easier to cut in stages.

A few weeks later I cut down the remaining grass which is so long now and flattened by all the rain that I have to cut twice, once with the blade and then with nylon string, with a few days and a rake up in between each cut

see, it’s already a faff, not to mention one Woody puppy who insists on trying to jump on the rake constantly and then there’s the poo!!! the dog poo which is also mixed into the mulch…doh, well I guess it’ll be good for something…..anyway, the end result is quite pleasing, and by the time I’ve done all this, it’s time to cut the grass again……phew

mulch 2 mulch1

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