the princess and the pee

No it’s not a typo and it’s not really a post about fairy tales either, more puppy dogs tails…….

we have a bed wetter and a chewer which has meant that not only does dog bedding have to be washed regularly but also mended and often just thrown away. Blossom has always had spayed bitch incontinence, it’s been a manageable problem until recently, age and illness has meant that her issues have got worse……

Woody is a serial chewer


thankfully it’s been mostly things that don’t really matter, like pine cones, stones any old bit of wood but mostly his favourite chew toy is his bedding………


So, I got given two old duvets, which I cut in half, giving me 4 dog beds, i then salvaged some old fabric from the dump and an old duvet cover, sewed everything on to everything a million times and viola, i now have lots of dog beds that can go in the wash and dry really quickly above the fire or in the sun……..


hopefully the woodster will stop chewing as soon as his last canine has finished growing (it’s been a slow one) and well the bed wetting is what it is……

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