the simple life

sometimes it only takes one thing, one simple thing to make you realise how complicated we make things and how simple life can be, if only we can get out of our own way. I know that in some ways i have been blessed with choices and freedom, something that most people feel they don’t have, but it has come at a price and whatever path you choose it has it’s ups and downs.


Living the way we do and trying to build our own hand-made home has at times been incredibly stressful, probably the most stressful thing i have ever done, it’s not over yet there will be more tears no doubt, but as i am learning to get out of my own way, the stuff i wanted, the stuff we are all looking for is coming in, gratitude and appreciation. I know that intellectually we can all say “oh yes, I am grateful and I appreciate this/that/whatever”, but how often do you really feel it? without spoiling any surprises (and no we are not living in our house yet), something happened yesterday on the build, something that made me cry, not unusual for me but these were tears of joy, the first ones i’ve shed on this project, i won’t go into detail, i’ll save it for another post about the house, but it humbled me……….Which brings me to my point, asparagus, asparagus got me thinking. It’s such a simple thing, it requires a bit of patience and food and then once it’s established it’s good for years with very little maintenance, the pleasure it gives is immense, short lived but huge.

I feel blessed to be living the simple life, as much as at times i hate certain things about it, it is giving me something else, something that only comes when we struggle.

Thank you asparagus for reminding me of how simple it can be


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