blue is the colour

first of all, sorry for my absence, there’s no excuse, except that we have been dealing with on-going issues with the dogs, which seems to have taken up quite a lot of my time not to mention money…..but thankfully they are both still alive and woody turned one, hurrah, we got him this far.


We’ve had some guests, all of whom have been helpful, thanks to Daniela for dragging down all the manure and bark for the top fruit and Anna and Tilly for helping us get the potatoes in


The garden is really coming along, with all the purples and blues coming in to bloom, i did go around and pull up most of the orange and yellow marigolds, afraid to say that the clash of colour didn’t do it for me and i prefer the blues so they had to go, they have self seeded so i’ve still got some to act as companions around the carrots and cabbages….

allium aqualegia sage flower centauer borage

Tonight we are eating the first broad beans, so sweet, this is when they are at their best

broad beans broad beans1

we just need the asparagus to catch up a bit, we’re harvesting, but not very much, one of our favourite seasonal dishes is this:

and on another totally random note the following are just a collection of things i like about being here and this time of year

lambs orchids orange manlady

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