spring has sprung…..

…..and then it sort of went away again. It did peak a bit early with temperatures in the mid twenties, which is a bit odd given that it was only February and it went from 6 to 26 in less than two days. Needless to say I was quite ready for it, as it seems to do this every year and the last thing I want to be doing in the garden is panic digging!!! aside from the fact that panic digging is no good for your body, I prefer to give the soil a chance to warm up and digging can help it do this, so by the time the temperatures rose I was ready to sow, which i did, I put in rows and rows of parsnips and carrots


turnips, kale and peas various other bits and pieces. All of which have germinated now (thanks to the heat).

I generally fleece all these first sowings

parsnips fleeceas this aides their germination and then they are also protected from any foul weather we may have. I have known it to hail in May here, so the fleece stays on until then and gets raised up with hoops made from willow.

hoops 2


I will continue to sow for a few more weeks and then that’s it for sowing direct.

The blossoms and wild flowers are peaking,the display this year is spectacular, especially the plum blossom

bloss 8so hopefully this will mean we will have a bumper crop if, of course the frosts don’t come and ruin everything.

bloss 1

woody woodsWe had a nasty experience with our giant puppy Woody, despite our best efforts at keeping him safe from the processionary caterpillars he went and stuck his entire face in a nest and had an anaphylactic reaction, passing out half way down the farm, leaving me to try and carry him back up to the truck covered in poo and weighing 33 kilos, luckily a friend passed by and helped me finish the job. Woody is OK but we are having to walk him away from the pines, which is not easy being as we live in a pine forest, he goes on the schist trail every morning and the afternoons we go to the local national park

wood pile

primroses1needless to say he has rather alot of energy and our nights are not quiet or sleep filled…….

spot the dog
I’m secretly hoping that the foul weather will continue as it will kill off the last of the caterpillars and then life can go back to normal and Woody can gallumph around on the farm again……
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