i don’ t know what you think of smoking cheese?
it kind of sounds like a euphemism for something, like” hanging someone’s cheese out in the wind” (re. ferris buela’s day off) what ever that means?
well for me its a great way of perking up an otherwise drab chunk of bland rubbery stuff into the kind of thing that sells, let alone smells, for far more than its worth in supermarkets or speciality cheese shops. this is in danger of becoming a pythonesque article about the merits of certain cheeses, their availability and their runniness.
what i did was get a lump of tasteless cheddary imitation cheese,

rubberywrap it in a muslin, hang it in the smoke house for a few days and smoked the b’cheezus out of it using oak shavings from work. longer bland, now full of aroma and taste

written by him

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2 Responses to smoking

  1. cheergerm says:

    I would never have thunk it but what a great idea!

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