Living in a country where the idea of sausage is chorizo is fine as it definitely has it’s place in the culinary world but doesn’t sate the appetite when what you want is a good old fashioned english pork, like many things here in Portugal we have to make our own. It’s one of things I love the most about living here (although at times it can be incredibly frustrating), it has forced us to think outside the box, we can’t just nip to the supermarket when want, we have to go without or figure out a way to make it with what little ingredients we have.

So we make our own sausages

You will need:

450 g boned pork shoulder, diced
450 g belly pork, rind removed and diced
50 g white breadcrumbs
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
Few gratings of fresh nutmeg and mace
Pince each of marjoram, sage and cayenne pepper (optional)

Hand mincing machine
sausage attachment for machine
skins (we get ours from here, they also sell great mincers and will deliver anywhere) 

cubed pork

Ensure that the meat is cold and mince using a course disk. You are aiming for the texture of beef mince.
Mix in the breadcrumbs and the seasonings.
Fry a small piece to check seasoning, adjust if necessary.
Make into sausages,sausagesif you are feeling brave make a single, long sausage which you can then coil (this is best with two people).

cumberland Rest the sausage/sausage meat for at least a few hours before cooking
This looks best cooked in a coil It can be difficult to cook a coil in a frying pan or grill so it is best baked in a medium oven (180 degrees, gas mark 4) for 35 minutes, basting frequently, if cooking with wood, cook for 20 minutes, after you’ve got you’re oven nice and hot.

Last night we had it with mashed potatoes, onion gravy and peas


oh and yorkshire puddings!!!!

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