spring is coming, honest

it’s hard to believe, especially when it does what it did today, but spring is on it’s way…..
honest it is, I promise
No, seriously, it is
If you listen carefully and look beneath the piles of sodden leaves, mud, relentlessly grey and weeping skies there are springy things happening everywhere

a small peek under their winter covers reveals fruit on all the citrus trees, some are bearing fruit that have never borne fruit before
we’ve only had one landslide this year (so far!!) and luckily the local council are friends, so they happily removed this boulder which Woody tried to shove out of the way….bless
slowly, slowly everything will dry out and before you know it, it’ll be scorchio again and the rivers will have run dry and we’ll all be dreaming of rain and the winter will seem like an age ago
hard to imagine, but true
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2 Responses to spring is coming, honest

  1. emma says:

    lovely… I so hope you're right!

  2. Julia and Mick says:

    Doesn't feel like Spring here! Snow showers & snowdrops!! Lovely photo's XX

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