what autumn means to me

misty mornings
and fantastic sunsets
butterflies on sun warmed rocks
grasses like sparklers
magical birches
old dogs in fine fettle
evening snacks are free and plentiful
seeds with tree potential
and food for birds
lichen that only grows where the air is clean
dappled leafy light
long shadows
and mushrooms
  none of which are edible
strawberry fruits scattered amongst the brown hues
toffee apples for halloween
cake is always available
beans are planted

and new puppies chew everything

what does autumn mean to you?
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One Response to what autumn means to me

  1. ahhh how beautiful… sometimes it is so nice to be reminded of all these things. I was walking through some woodland recently when I was stopped in my tracks. The late afternoon Autumn light was shining on trees and their trunks were such a vibrant green it took my breath away. Sometimes it is those really simple things which can remind us how lucky we are to be here. Autumn for me is about amazing light, chunky cardigans, happy dog on long crisp walks, warm soup and a wild free child climbing trees, covered in mud. See you in a few weeks – hopefully for a slice of that cake! x

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