peppers and tomatoes

am slowly catching up on my blogging activities, what with one thing and another, I’ve not got round to this, so there will be a few entries over the next few days and then probably nothing for months….cos that’s how it goes….

I was kindly given a pile of peppers and tomatoes by my neighbour, I haven’t really been here this year to grow anything so anything seasonal is gratefully received and as the pantry is fairly empty now of preserves and chutneys etc. the gift was timely……but i had to come up with some recipes that were fairly basic and quick as produce doesn’t last long in the heat of the summer and I am low on difficult to get ingredients, so this is what I did:



bottled for later in the year

fresh tomato and pepper pasta (cold)

peperoni alla sicilana
this was also bottled but kept in fridge as doesn’t keep long, but I forgot to take a photo of it and we have been through 3 jars of it, it’s great with meat and as a side dish, or put into a quiche or omlette, hugely versatile and well worth the effort

thai soup (yeah, ok I didn’t get to use so many peppers for this, but wanted some, so made some)
and that’s it, the pepper/tomato frenzy over
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One Response to peppers and tomatoes

  1. Julia & Mick says:

    All looks lovely as usual!! ;0)

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