What to do when your teapot breaks

The teapot had been a bit leaky for a while and then in one of those weird moments when one thing happens, taking with it a whole load of other things it did break. The colander fell off the wall knocking ricks favourite mug onto the floor, smashing it into four pieces and then promptly took the spout of the teapot off in one fell swoop. 
The end of an era. 
I am using the broken teapot as a metaphor for what has been happening to us and countless other people the world over. Our world had been leaking for some time, we had stretched ourselves beyond normal limits, hoping that as the build progressed things would heal themselves and life would get better……it didn’t. We kept moping up the spillage and still pouring more out and making more (mess and tea).
In the end something had to give, the spout fell off. 
We are having to figure out a new way to make tea. The relationship is in the bin and the teapot is unusable, there isnt a glue available here to stick it all back together.
When we’ve figured out a way to make a pot of tea again, we will. Until then we are making tea with one cup and one tea bag in two different countries.
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3 Responses to What to do when your teapot breaks

  1. I love how you write about your teapot mirroring your life, but of course I really hope you find that glue. Much strength to you x

  2. Julia and Mick says:

    Our love & thoughts are with you both, as you know. As Alice says above, we too hope one day you find the glue…. XX

  3. Ju and Helen says:

    Ah so sorry to hear times are hard at the mo. Really hope you find the glue and your “teapot” can take pride of place in your beautiful house that you have strived so hard together for. I think its totally normal that after so much use it broke, really hope after a rest it'll get fixed. Love and positivity! xx

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