getting crafty again

I was asked by a friend here to make a gardening pinny, I did, she loves it and never wants to take it off!!! result
also made a tea cosy for my sister-in-law who is training to be a vicar
perfect slogan, how often does the chance to put that on a home-made tea cosy come around?
Also embarked on peg bags, this is the first one I have made, given to my dear friend Pat, who doesn’t want to use it!!!! not sure if that is a result or not, but if you’re not going to use it Pat, can I at least have the pegs back!!!

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2 Responses to getting crafty again

  1. Julia and Mick says:

    Love the pinny! The tea Cody is classic – as you say, how often would that happen!!! And my Mum made a peg bag out of one of my little dresses like that!! I love all your crafts! :0) X

  2. thanks jules, more stuff to come

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