I have been growing vegetables, either organically or bio-dynamically for nearly 15 years. I had never had a problem growing basic veg until we moved to Portugal. I can grow alot more varied veg here than I could in UK and often can get two harvests in one season which is great, but I have not been successful with potatoes, garlic or onions, probably due to lack of water, So this year I have been determined to at least grow enough onions and garlic for us for one year. I think I may have succeeded. I was a bit disapointed when the garlic started going to seed in April, so quickly whipped the heads off and flooded them regularly

Aside from the usual pathetic small ones

the rest seem fine and contrary to everything I’ve read about plaiting thick necked garlic, 

I managed it and am pleased to say I now have 7 large plaits

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2 Responses to garlic

  1. Julia and Mick says:

    Are you sure you're in Portugal & not France?! Are you riding around on your pushbike or in your 2CV with a blue & White striped top & beret on?!!! Garlic looks fab, don't have anyone pinching it from your wall!! X

  2. haha, sometimes wish we were in France, at least i can speak french!!! and i wish i had my 2cv here too, next is trying to plait the onions, but they are not all finished yetxxx

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