jam, tarts and puddings

We are having our best fruit year so far on the farm, in fact, it seems this area is having a bumper fruit season all round. I am coming home with at least a kilo of loganberries a day.

Rapidly running out of space in the freezer has meant having to make jam…..which normally I wouldn’t do at this time of year, but for once the flat we rent comes into it’s own, sub zero temperatures (inside the flat) during the winter months means staying at home is grim, staying at home when it’s 30 degrees outside however is an absolute pleasure……..

15 jars of loganberry jam
Loganberry and raspberry tart
and a summer pudding packed with loganberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants
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4 Responses to jam, tarts and puddings

  1. Julia & Mick says:

    How's the Chief Tester?! Getting a full tummy Rik?!! It all looks divine Sarah! May the fruity summers carry on for years! :0) XX

  2. Luise says:

    Wow, the jams look delicious and so beautiful! I see you only sealed them with plastic foil? How long do they keep that way?

  3. Luise,
    the jars are sterilised and then a waxy disc is placed in the top of the jar and the covers are jam pot covers, which, when placed over the hot jar seals it tight. My jams usually last for about 6-8 months. The trick is in the heating up of the jars, which i do in the oven and then wait for them to cool a little and leave the jam to cool a little. Been working for me for years, what's your trick?

  4. Luise says:

    I have screwtop jars, which I'm trying to get away from. You fill the sterilized jars with jam and then either put them upside down or boil again for 20 min. When cooling, both methods let the jars form a vacuum. This year I'm trying out jar with glass lids, but I'm still not perfectly happy as those require rubber rings which eventually need replacement.
    The wax method sounds great – especially since I have one hive of bees and plan on having more in the future and even though I love how the jam stores for years with my current method, I should just use it up quickly enough to be out by next jam season (as it is, I have masses of old jam….).

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