crafty old bags and other stuff

Having recently re-organised all my fabrics and old clothes, 

I came across some old cushion covers. Fed up with all our hats, gloves and scarves in cardboard boxes. I decided to make some bags out of the cushion covers, with some scraps for handles and a nifty folding in of the corners at the bottom, and removal of zips, I think they are rather funky
Another teacosy made for our friends Hannah and Derrick who recently got married

and a pin cushion as a mothers day present

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5 Responses to crafty old bags and other stuff

  1. Very nice – especially the tea cosys. Just read your blog about hair-cutting – I have been doing David's but am not prepared to let him anywhere near mine!!

  2. quite right Penny, I wouldn't let David anywhere near my hair either!!! rick had one chance and blew it, so far haven't plucked up the courage to ask him again!!! glad you like tea cosy's, do you want one? may take a while to come up with slogan but i'd love to make you one
    let me know

  3. Julia & Mick says:

    You're so clever! Love all the things you make! Love the bags, especially the red/beige cream/beige ones. Great idea! :0) X

  4. Fragile Mind says:

    Love it Sarah- you never cease to amaze me with your resourcefulness! How clever you are and what a reward having all those lovely bags- you could sell them!

  5. Mark K in NZ says:

    You're a talented soul! Like the statement on the tea cosy – laughed at first it might have been about someone who made bad cups of tea…but no! Go creativity. Love from us M, S, E & J xx

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