green supper

freshly picked today

and turned into this

a broad bean, pea and asparagus risotto, a dash of vermouth, butter, chicken stock, arborio rice, salt and pepper, so fresh tasting it was squeeky

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3 Responses to green supper

  1. Wendy says:

    Can I come round and eat the fritters made from the leftovers again?!! As it happens, am just making the same, but no vermouth. Which one do you use? Red or white?

  2. Jules & Mick says:

    Looks well yummy! Very healthy – including the vermouth! (a little bit of what you fancy etc!!) :0) X

  3. wendy, yeah, lets do leftover lunch again, as always made far too much (accidentally on purpose) as I said before i think i like risotto fritters better than the risotto!!! i use white vermouth, but a dash of white wine is also good……

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